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Earlier today we posted a preview of our fall wine tasting party. You can read more about that here. Now I’m back with one of the details. These days you see more evites or emails serving as party invitations than anything else. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a good old fashioned paper invitation. I love the excitement of opening the mailbox and finding something more than just bills. So Kalin and I decided to do just that, send out real invitations. A while ago I pinned a cute invite on Pinterest with what seemed to be a wine ring on the paper. I thought it was adorable, but it looked like it was either professionally printed or created in Photoshop. We had zero intentions of paying big bucks for a professional design, nor do we have Photoshop. Although we both want it BADLY (hint, hint, wink, for those who are wondering what to get us for Christmas). So we decided to DIY our own version instead.

No, there isn’t something wrong with it. I blurred out the address. Even thought there are about two people reading this blog, we still don’t want stalkers :)

I had some Paper Source cards in Luxe Cream left over from a previous project, so we decided to use those. Since we don’t have Photoshop, we just printed up the information using Word on our computer. We decided to keep what we printed fairly simple since we would be adding the red wine ring. So we kept it to a fun title and the information on the party. See, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor are the five S’s about wine and we thought that would be a cute and creative way to let our guests know what the party was about. Once they were printed we added the wine ring…using real wine.

First we poured ourselves a glass of wine (What? You thought we would use wine for a project and not enjoy a glass? That’s just crazy talk). Then we poured just a little in a dish and took a small wine glass and dipped it in the wine. We just let the excess drip off before we placed it on the invite.

Then we just carefully placed it on the invite. The only reason we were careful (I mean this is only an invite we’re talking about) is because we didn’t want it to overlap with the printed words or it would bleed.

We weren’t sure how it was going to look when dry, but we were pleased to realize it dried darker than expected. It turned out to be the perfect shade of wine purplish/redish. How’s that for a color? I should write names for crayons. Kidding! Here’s one more look at how it turned out.

Who would have thought that red wine would be the perfect embellishment for an invitation!?

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