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Last week I showed you how I covered a bench for our bedroom. You can see more on that here. I made sure I had some left over fabric from that project, knowing exactly what I could use it for. Where do you think I found my next project? Yep, the flea market. I told you I’m obsessed! Here’s the chair that I just couldn’t pass up.

I actually got it a few years ago but didn’t have a reason to recover it till recently. Our current bedroom is bigger than our previous one and this chair just landed in an empty corner when we moved in and hasn’t moved since. I figured I might as well switch out the fabric so it matches the bench.

I turned the chair over and unscrewed the seat.

Once that was done I flipped the seat over so it was fabric side up and laid the fabric on top so I could figure out where I wanted the pattern to lay. I tried it with one full flower in the middle, but it just looked like a flower bullseye for your bum (and I think we all know where we’re supposed to place our bum on a chair, so we didn’t need that). So instead I opted for an off center placement with two partial flowers showing. Once I figured out where I wanted the fabric to lay, I turned the fabric/seat combo over, folded over two sides of the fabric, and used my staple gun to secure it. I decided to just staple over the existing fabric instead of taking out all the mini nails to remove it (who has that kinda time). Then I did the same thing with the other two sides of fabric.


I left the corners for last. But before I did that, i cut off most of the excess fabric to match up with the stuff that was already on the seat. Then I used the same technique on the chair seat that I used for the bench corners, folding them in like when you wrap a present. Then I stapled the corners in place and made sure the fabric didn’t cover up any of the screw holes (ha, that’s a phrase you don’t hear often).

After that, all I had to do was screw the seat back into the chair base. Easy peasy! Woah, my student’s and their lingo are rubbing off on me.

So what do you think? It’s not a huge change by any means, but I like it. We still have plenty of things to do/get for the bedroom, but it’s coming along.

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