All That Glitters
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Glitter can either look tacky or chic. But when it is done right, there is nothing better than a little shimmer. Love, amore, liebe, crush, whatever you call it, I feel it for glitter and sequins that are done well! So when glitter nail polish became a craze, I got a bit excited. The only problem was I didn’t like most bottled glitter nail polish. It would clump or go on unevenly, and the glitter pieces were sparse and too large for my taste. I like my glitter like I like my rear end, small. So I took matters into my own hands. Here is what I used to give my nails some bling: base coat, Nars polish in Candy Darling, Martha Stewart glitter in bronze, and top coat.

I started out just as if I was painting my nails with normal polish, with a base coat. Then instead of two coats of the Nars polish, I just did one. Before it dried I sprinkled on the glitter. I let it dry just enough so that when I put the top coat on the glitter wouldn’t come off onto the brush. I guess I should mention that I did one hand at a time and let it dry enough so that I wouldn’t ruin it while doing the second hand.

It looks a bit more like gold in the pics than it does in real life, but I love how the bronze somewhat matches my skin color. It makes for the perfect shimmer when the light catches it. Next time I might try the gradient glitter look with a fun color base and lots of glitter at the tips that fades to nothing (like this).

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