Winter Wonderland Bridal Shower
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Last weekend I helped throw a bridal shower for my girlfriend, Kaitlyn, who’s getting married this January.  Because of her wedding date, we decided on a winter theme.  Lucky for me, this meant it was justifiable to rock out to Christmas music on November 5th (by the way, purchasing Michael Buble’s Christmas album needs to be #1 on the top of your to-do list).  Aside from the music, my Christmas spirit bloomed while decorating the tree.  We asked guests to bring a Christmas ornament to help Kaitlyn start her collection.  As Kaitlyn opened each gift I added them to the tree.  The yummy food and adorable winter touches made this one of my favorite bridal showers to date.  Here’s a peak into some of the decorations I created.

I made a “Just Married”  banner for my wedding this past summer, and since then, I’ve been in banner making mode.  Any party or event I’m a part of, banners are a must.  They’re simple, take no time, and make a big statement.  Here’s how I made these:

1. I purchased several different patterns of scrapbook paper and traced the round pattern with a bowl in my kitchen.  I left the ones with Kaitlyn’s engagement photos square.

2. A perk of being a teacher is having unlimited access to die cuts.  I used white construction paper and glued die cut the letters and numbers onto the scrapbook paper.  You can do this at home with your computer.  Just print off the letters using your favorite font (you must visit for tons of free and adorable fonts!).  Cut out the letters and use them how they are, or use a razor blade to cut out the insides of the letters and use as a stencil.  Or, if you’re interested in investing in one, here’s some info on die cut machines.

3. Once all your letters are finished, using a hole puncher, punch two holes in the top of each letter.  For these I used tulle (hit up the dollar store for an inexpensive supply)  to weave in and out of each letter.  I’ve also used ribbon in the past and have some ideas of trying torn strips of burlap for a future banner.  Find a cute place to hang (fire place mantel, on backs of chairs, edges of buffet tables, fences, windows, anywhere!) and enjoy.


I also used pinecones to winterize Ashley’s city apartment:

To add another winter sparkle I spray painted pinecones and placed them throughout the apartment.  Talk about an easy and inexpensive touch!  I picked up the pinecones from trees outside and purchased three different spray paints:

Metallic silver, silver glitter, and ColorTEX white splatter.  I had never used the ColorTEX before and was pleasantly surprised to see that it gave the effect of snow.  It’s now a new favorite.  I have many plans for using it again soon for Christmas decorations.


I have tons of mason jars leftover from my wedding.  I LOVE mason jars!  They create a modern antique look.  To bring in some color and candlelight, I  filled mason jars with cranberries and votives.  I also filled some with water and used floating candles.

I scattered and grouped these throughout the apartment.  Ashley has tons of windowsills which made for perfect spots.


And of course, a winter wonderland shower wouldn’t be complete without the Christmas tree!  Lucky Kaitlyn received adorable ornaments to start her collection.

Come back tomorrow to see all the yummy recipes we served!


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