I Amore Giada!
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I amore Giada DeLaurentiis not only for her delicious recipes and informational shows (Brian even watches with me, perhaps for different reasons…) but also for her connection with fans.  I recently started following Giada on twitter and she’s always filling my page with replies to her fans.  Shortly after realizing this, it became my mission to get Giada to reply to one of my tweets.  A few days ago I saw a tweet that she was hosting a photo contest on Facebook.  I took this as an opportunity to to meet my goal, and of course, I invited Cortney to join in the excitement.

First, we had to cook our favorite recipe.  This was a no brainer.  One of our staple Sunday night dinners are her mini turkey meatballs with simple tomato sauce.  Then, we had to snap a shot (or 20) of the dish and submit it to the contest.  Cooking the meal was easy.  Trying to get a good photo without day light was not.  After dragging out the floor lamp from my bedroom and playing around with tools on iphoto (photoshop is at the top of my Christmas list… hint, hint, mom) we finally narrowed our photo down to a few choices…


…and decided to go with this one:

After submitting it to her contest I immediately posted the picture on twitter.  This afternoon after school I looked at my phone, and what do I see?  A text from Cortney saying Giada responded to my tweet, “Gr8 shot!”  Boom!  I just semi-conversed with my fav Food Network star.  In order to have a real conversation with Giada we need to get first place in her contest.  “Like” our photo on Facebook to help us win!  Grazie for your help!


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